Deposit Fees for your Customized Tour

Tour Vin’s customized tour concierge fee is $85 per hour, with a minimum of two hours. A deposit equal to the minimum fee is required when we establish a working relationship. Wine tasting, car service fees and other ancillary fees are not included in the concierge fee.

Fees and Services Payment
This is the minimum deposit to begin working directly with you to personalize your Napa Valley visit. Once you click on the deposit button, you will be taken to Tour Vin’s PayPal® site to securely process your payment. Tour Vin does not store any of your payment information. If you must cancel your trip for any reason, a portion of your deposit may be refunded depending on how much time has been spent on arranging your trip and if the deposits made by Tour Vin can be refunded. Since we pride ourselves in personal service, we will always accommodate you in any way we can.
You do not need a PayPal account to secure your deposit; you may use any credit card.
Deposit Price: $170.00

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